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Neutering Program

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The population of stray cats in Cyprus is more than a million.  Some researchers say it’s around 2 million cats. There is no significant governmental help in solving this problem.  All the weight of taking care about sick animals, rehoming cats, feeding and neutering is on the shoulders of charity organisations and private volunteers.  We believe that TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is the only possible solution to reduce the overpopulation of stray cats in Cyprus and to stop all the suffering it leads to. Island of hope has its own TNR program.















We try to finish with one colony before moving to another and maintain all our colonies that were already done. We neuter now around 5 cats per week. At the same time we do health check up and remove their teeth if necessary plus apply anti parasites spot on. Unfortunately there are always some sick animals or little kittens who get trapped and we can’t release them back to the street life. Those animals go to our adoption program and after long preparation and full healing they are flying to their forever homes.

Neutering program
Rescued cat
Rescued cats
Rescued cats

Every Sterilization cost 30 euros for males and 60 euros for females.

At the end of the day the bills are huge. Only we can keep doing this with your help. You can make the difference and ending with so much suffering. 

Trap Neuter Return
Trap Neuter Return
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