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It's a 3 step adoption process





 Fulfill pre-Adoption questionnaire

Send us a video or

Schedule a video Phone call


Find your perfect match, sign the adoption contract and meet the adoption fee

Why adopt

If you’re thinking about welcoming the love of a pet into your life, you are at the right place. When you choose to adopt a pet, you save lives. Not only does it give a homeless pet a loving home, but it also opens up an additional spot in the shelter so that more pets can be saved. While saving one life, you are saving at least one more, not to mention that your life gets fulfilled with new and different kinds of love - cats love.

About our cats

All the adult cats in our foster care will have been vet checked, neutered, vaccinated, deflead, wormed & microchipped before they are rehomed.

Our female kittens are neutered at around 6 months and male kittens at 6 or 7 months.

Our adoption fee depends on where the cat comes from and the expenses.


When rehoming kittens we give priority to those wishing to adopt a pair of cats or those who already have a cat. We do not rehome single kittens where owners are away from the home for long periods on most days.




1. Fulfill pre-Adoption questionnaire

First, you fulfill the questionnaire where we can get the information required for adopting your new cat.  In the questionnaire, some questions are yes/no but some require more of your time. 

You can find questionnaire on the following link or ask us in mail.

2. video Phone call or home video

After approving your questionnaire, we will ask you to do a programmed video phone call  or home video to see you and your home which you will share with your new pet.  We wish to make sure that we are sending our cats into good homes where they will feel good.  We just want to see a warm place where cats will be safe and sound.

In the video phone call or home video we would like you to tell us about yourself and why do you want to adopt.


3. Find your perfect match and sign the adoption contract

First of all is to you fill the pre adoption questionnaire and have a home visit or a video call.  Always we try to find the perfect match for you.  Family and cat must be happy together in this long term commitment. 

After this evaluation and the result is positive, the adopter must sign an adoption contract, with a number of clauses to be met.

After that you need to pay the adoption fee that covers the necessary vaccinations, passport, microchip, sterilization (if the cats is big enough) and transport costs.

The adoption fee is non refundable.
The amounts we ask for this, is not a 'price' for the cat, but a contribution towards the rescue costs.

The adoption fee must be collected (by bank account or PayPal) around 3 working days before arrival/pickup of your cat. 

For us the most important is to have a good relationship with the adopters. When we rescue a cat, we get attached to him/her, so we would love to receive photos and videos of him/her growing happy!

By adopting, you become part of our project. You are the last step of our goal. We want adopters who believe in our work and want to support us by adopting a cat who was recued from the street in terrible conditions.


After adoption

Once the animal is in its new home, and after a certain period of time, adoption will be monitored in order to see how the animal has adapted to its new home. We wish to see how the adopter finds cohabitation with his new friend and verify that the clauses set out in the adoption contract.

Your rescue kitty will be eternally grateful that you saved it.

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