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Neutering Program Malaysia

neutering program Malaysia

The problem with stray dogs in Malaysia is horrendous. There are thousands of dogs in the streets, abandoned or were born on the streets. The dog catchers put them in the government pounds, crowded and starved. See the appaling images.

In Ipoh, the situation is overwhelming, 2 independent rescuers are feeding hundred of dogs per day. The unique way to tackle this huge problem is through TNR program. 

Resqstrays will collaborate with the project "Spaying it forward" who has neutered last 2 years 1070 dogs and 229 cats. 

Please help us to end this unnecessary suffering. 
















Neuter a dog cost around 35 to 75 dollars, depending on the size and complication of the surgery. 


In Ipoh (Malaysia) the local pounds are absolutely hell. The dog catchers bring the stray dogs there and leave them crowded with no food at all. Look the images by yourself, an image worth more thatn thousand words. It's appalling and extremely cruel. We need to stop this asap, and the only way is with a solid neutering program like this one. "Spaying it Forward" is making this possible, but we need your help.  Join us!

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