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Er zijn al meer dan 200 katten geadopteerd via onze stichting en zij leven nu hun beste leven. We zijn zo blij met de mensen die besloten hebben te adopteren en daarmee deze arme straatkatten een beter leven te geven.

Op deze pagina delen we een aantal van deze verhalen, hopelijk inspireren ze je om een katje te adopteren!

P.S. omdat de stichting internationaal is, zijn de verhalen alleen beschikbaar in het Engels. 




Belly was rescued from the streets in Bulgaria, with a sever eye infection.

After a long treatment, she found her forever home in Denmark.

Her new mom is so happy with her.  Belly has also a new furry sister and a big patio where he plays a lot. 



BOBO (3).jpg

Bobo is a beutiful graceful boy FIV positive, rescued from Dubai.

Now, he is enjoying his new home in Germany with his new family. 

FIV cats could have a normal life and long lifespan. They only need good care and love

BOBO (4).jpg
BOBO (1).jpg
BOBO (2).jpg


buddy (2).jpg

Buddy was rescued in Romania with a fractured leg. Now he is happy with his new family and forever home.

He is a lovely cat who deserves enjoy life with love and good people who cares about him.

buddy (3).jpg
buddy (1).jpg


endy (5).jpg

Endi was rescued from Greece.

Look now, how he looks safe and careless enjoying his days in the arms of these beautiful people who made the decision to adopt him and share their lifes with him.  

endy (2).jpg
endy (1).jpg
endy (4).jpg
giya and suki (4).jpg

Goya and Suki

giya and suki (2).jpg

These beautiful siblings were rescued from Dubai. 

Now they are the babies of a very nice couple who give them a great life.

We are very happy for them because they were very bonded and fortunately, they will be together forever :)

giya and suki (3).jpg
giya and suki (1).jpg


Lemon lovely.jpg

Lemon, a beautiful giner cat, rescued from Cyprus is blind. This doesn't stop him to be an amazing cat. He is pure love. A great friend of his furrmates and also the family dog. He is energetic, smart and lovely.  

Lily (4).jpg


Lily (1).jpg

Lily is a one-eyed cat but that doesn't stop her to be a very happy cat. Her family adores her and gives her the love and care she deserves- and she pays them back with her sweet purring and cuddles time :)

Lily (3).jpg
Lily (2).jpg

Teo and kobe

These sweet brothers were rescued from Bulgaria. 

Now they enjoy an amazing life together and with their new parents. These great couple spoil them a lot and they are in love with them :) 


Luuk and Leo

These beautiful kittens were rescued from Greece with their  2 other siblings.  They had severe herpes virus and they are almost blind as a result. But they are the sweetest and happier kitties ever.  We love them a lot and we are very happy to find them such a good forever family :)


Cookie was rescued from Malaysia, with a severe upper respiratory infection.  After a long treatment she has been adopted in Netherlands by a wonderful woman. 

She is now part of her furry family :)

Cookie is still in treatment because of her chronic condition, but she is much better now with such a good care.



Tofu was rescued from Romania. He is a very energetic and playful kitten.  Leonie has created an inseparable bond with Tofu. They are very attached now. 

Leonie is in love with him.



Miow and Mia were rescued from Greece and adopted in Germany.  Merliç is very happy with this fantastic couple of beautiful and cuddly kittens.  kittens adopted together are always happier. They love to play and sleep together:)

MIow and mia


Nuvolino was rescued from the street of Romania and since the very first moment was extremely affectionate with people. He loves to be accompanied all the time and now has found his perfect family:) Lena and her family are in love with him! Lena's daughter has became Nuvolino's best friend and they are allways together.

Nuvolino (simba)

rescued dog Kalo.jpg
rescued dog Kalo2.jpg

Kalo was rescued from the streest of Bulgaria. He was very friendly since the begining and was adopted in Netherlands for a sweet couple.

Now Kalo is a super happy dog in his forever home, giving and receiving tons of love and cuddles.


rescued dog8.jpg
rescued dog 6.jpg
rescued dog.jpg

Fedor was rescued from Cyprus as a little puppy. He is an American Stanford. He is super sweet and friendly with people, other dogs and children. Fedor was adopted for a lovely family in Netherlands and he is living happy with them.


rescued dog adopted.jpg
Dog adopted3.jpg
dog adopted happy.jpg

Caramel was rescued from Bulgaria, being very emaciated and skinny. He got a perfect family in Netherlands who love them as a family member:)

Now Caramel is enjoying the best life and he is spoiled as a baby.


rescued doggy_edited.jpg
rescued pully.jpg


Magnolia was rescued from Cyprus with her 3 siblings and her mom. She is a sweet puppy who loves people, kids and other animals.

Magnolia was adopted for a nice couple in Netherlands. Now she is really enjoying the life there full of love and attention.

Rescued puppy adopted.jpg
rescued dog adopted Amsterdam.jpg
rescued dog3.jpeg


Viara was rescued from Bulgaria. She stayed a while in a shleter until she was fostered by one of our volunteers and got adopted in Netherlands for an amazing couple. Now Viara is totally happy with her new family and enjoys the best life.

rescued dog4.jpeg
viara rescued.jpeg
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